Why We Think All Angels is Special
Our priest, Loree
  Please read some of her sermons to understand
  why we think our priest, Loree Reed is special.
  To learn more about our priest, click here.
  To read some of her sermons, click here.
All Angels is a church where we pray for others on a regular basis.
Our Prayer List is emailed to our homes and is also part of the church service.
reader All Angels has an active lay ministry, with members leading the Prayers of the People, reading lessons, and assisting the priest, after training, with Holy Communion.
The Peace As a small congregation, we really enjoy sharing the Peace.

Everyone is greeted!  No one is left out!

Our Sanctuary and Parish Hall
  • When the building was purchased in 1999, members of the congregation did the work to restore it back to the 1899 church.
    For information on the sanctuary, click here.

  • When it was decided that we needed a parish hall, the congregation again came together to help build it. For information on the building of the parish hall, click here.
All Angels Church
In 2019, DJ and Pam put their heads together and decided we needed a meditation garden in an unused area behind the parish hall. Volunteers cleared out poison ivy and put in plants and seating. To raise funds for the purchase of plants and seating, Bob engraved bricks with pet’s names on them. The St. Francis Meditation garden was used for our ‘Blessing of the Animals.’
Meditation garden St. Francis
We also enjoy each other's company. The first Sunday of each month we take turns providing a brunch after church. We also celebrate Epiphany with a service and a meal together. Before Lent begins, we have a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. For more information on our ‘Fellowship’, click here.
sunday brunch
Why We Think Eatonton is Special
Links to sites of interest
To see why Eatonton and Putnam County is called ‘Close to Everything and Next to Perfect’, click here.
To discover historic downtown Eatonton and its events, click here.
The Plaza Arts Center serves as a crown jewel of the Eatonton Historic District, providing the community a world-class auditorium for performing arts, as well as facilities for community and regional involvement, education, and enjoyment. Click here to go to their website.
We also have three excellent museums in downtown Eatonton.
  • The Old School History Museum showcases Eatonton and Putnam County̱ history from the Native Americans, the transition of frontier land to cotton farms, the Civil War and Reconstruction Era and the 20th century. Click here to visit their website.

  • The Georgia Writers Museum was inspired by three writers who grew up and began writing in the area; Alice Walker, Flannery O’Connor and Joel Chandler Harris. It also includes the year–round home for the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame exhibit. Click here to visit their website.

  • Joel Chandler Harris who wrote the ‘Uncle Remus’ stories was born in Eatonton. The museum uses historic storytelling, period artifacts and dioramas of the more famous Uncle Remus characters. Click here to visit the website of the Uncle Remus Museum.
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