Gifts to All Angels

Gifts from a Canadian Church

All Angels Episcopal Church was blessed with the gift of fine church furnishings from the Anglican parish of Tyendinaga in the Diocese of Ontario, Canada.
A limestone baptismal font, a brass and silver processional cross, and a wooden tabernacle (used for storing reserved sacraments of bread and wine) were given to All Angels by the wardens of Holy Trinity Church, Shannonville, Ontario,which was closed in 2007.
Processional Cross Tabernacle
Instrumental in arranging the transfer of the furnishings to All Angels Church were the Rev. Bradley D. Smith of the Diocese of Ontario, Anna Haslbauer and Vanna Jean Wood. Haslbauer, Wood and other members of All Angels first met Brad at St. George's College in Jerusalem in 2006. They kept in touch afterwards and formed close friendships.
At a reunion of some St. George's alumni in 2007, Haslbauer learned that Holy Trinity Church was to be closed, and she began working on the possibility of acquiring the furnishings for All Angels.
In his letter of transfer, Brad stated that the gift of furnishings was a gesture of friendship between two churches, and that he was grateful the furnishings have a new home and will continue giving glory to God through their use in worship. It seemed to be a heavenly coincidence that the font, cross, and tabernacle which were left without a church were exactly at home and needed at All Angels.
Intstallation of Baptismal Font Baptismal Font
Nathan, Jim Wagner, Father John Keeler, Bob Ritchason and Jim Marshall installed the font
Nathan Brinklow transported the furnishings from Ontario to Eatonton. Nathan, who is a designer of church paraments (altar linens, hangings, etc.) and clergy vestments, sewed the green paraments for All Angels Church.

Gift of a Permanent Pascal Candle

The new permanent Paschal Candle was lit for the first time at the Great Easter Vigil on April 7, 2012 and brought into the sanctuary by the Rev. John D. Keeler. It is a symbol of the Risen Christ and the Light he brought into the world.
Pascal candle
The Paschal Candle was given to All Angels to the Glory of God and in memory of Jack Taylor and in honor of Martha Taylor Ray by Gayle Ray, Suzan Ray Gordon and Lindsey Ray Hallman.

Gifts from Gaytha and Aubrey Harris

Gaytha and her sister created the embroidered angel centerpieces for the tables in the parish hall.
embroidered angel
embroidered angel
embroidered angel
In addition, Gaytha and Aubrey have also provided us with an oil diffuser to provide scent in the sanctuary. Our church is much too small for incense, as it would be overpowering.
Gaytha has also provided us with a candle to use as our sanctuary lamp. A sanctuary lamp, which is usually red, is placed on or above the tabernacle and is lit when blessed sacraments are within the tabernacle.
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